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Sauna Parts - for Traditional Rock Saunas

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Sauna Lights
Aluminum Foil
Sauna Vents

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Tongue & Groove - See T&G Page
Sauna Preserver

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Home Saunas Since 1974 ships sauna parts and sauna components to our sauna builders.
Since 1974, we have been a leader in providing sauna parts and components at affordable factory-outlet prices.

IMPORTANT - to All Sauna Builders:

Sauna Lights - cannot be recessed into the ceiling. Pot lights are a poor choice - they do not allow insulation around them. But the sauna ceiling must be well insulated. Use only sauna-rated light fixtures with heavy glass and several layers of gaskets.

Sauna Cedar T&G - a very low moisture content of 9% or 10% from kiln-drying is mandatory in order to prevent shrinkage during the next 2 years. T&G from local lumber yards are not dry enough to meet this sauna requirement. The gaps will open up later as the T&G drys out slowly each time the sauna is used.

1. Sauna Lights, Aluminum Foil, Doors ...

Sauna Lighting with Grill Sauna Lighting with Grill Round Sauna Lights Sauna Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier Sauna Door
Oval Sauna Lights
No Grill 8"x5" #OP1a
White or Black
for Surface Mount

White $59 .. 2 for $109
Black $59 .. 2 for $109
Oval Sauna Lights
W/ Grill 8"x5" #OP1b
White in Stock
for Surface Mount

White $59 .. 2/$109
Black $59 .. 2/$109
Round Sauna Lights
W/ Grill 8"Diam. #OP1c
White or Black
for Surface Mount

White $109 .. $109
Black $109 .. $109
Aluminum Foil
Hi Temp Vapor Barrier
50" Wide Roll #OP1d
Tape is not Needed

225 Sq Ft Roll .. $76
450 Sq Ft Roll .. $99
Sauna Doors
#1 Full Window Door
Special Glass
8 Styles

From $699

These are essential sauna parts - we have them all here!
Many sauna builders use 2 lights - for balanced lighting with no shadows!
All saunas require a high temperature aluminum foil vapor barrier - polyethylene will fail - do not use poly!
Visit the doors page to see our selection of sauna doors.
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Sauna Light Fixtures ...

Above #L1a (First Image): Oval in White - no Grill # PLF-ONW
Above #L1b (Second Image): Oval in White - with Grill # PLF-OGW

Above #L1c (Third Image): Round in White - with Grill # PLF-RGW

All fixtures have a cast aluminum base, with sealer gaskets to keep moisture out.
The glass is frosted white and ribbed for strength.
For surface mounting, these are true sauna-rated light fixtures for 40w or 60 watt lamps.

Dimensions: Oval Light no Grill - 8" L x 4" W x 4" H
Dimensions: Oval Light with Grill - 8" L x 5" W x 4.5" H
Dimensions: Round Light with Grill - 8" Diam. x 4.5" H

PLF-ONW Sauna Light, Oval, Wall or Ceiling, No Grill - White
PLF-ONB Sauna Light, Oval, Wall or Ceiling, No Grill - Black
PLF-ON2 2 Sauna Lights, Oval, No Grill - 2 Lights Deal

PLF-OGW Sauna Light, Oval, Wall or Ceiling, with Grill - White
PLF-OGB Sauna Light, Oval, Wall or Ceiling, with Grill - Black
PLF-OG2 2 Sauna Lights, Oval, with Grill - 2 Lights Deal

PLF-RNW Sauna Light, Round, Wall or Ceiling, No Grill- White
PLF-RGW Sauna Light, Round, Wall or Ceiling, with Grill - White
PLF-RGB Sauna Light, Round, Wall or Ceiling, with Grill - Black
PLF-RG2 2 Sauna Lights, Round, with Grill - 2 Lights Deal

PF5 Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier, 450 Sq Ft
-- 450 Sq Ft, 50" wide Roll, Suitable for 5'x8' & Larger Saunas

PVENT-c Sauna Vent, Adjustable, Wood Grill, for 3"x10" R/Opening
PVENT-m Sauna Vent, Adjustable, Metal, Brown, for 3"x10" R/O
PDCatch Door Catch, Nylon Roller Catch
PDHand11 Sauna Door Handles, Cedar 11" Long
PDHand23 Sauna Door Handles, for Horizontal Crossbar Style 23" Long
PDJamb1x6 Sauna Door Jamb Set, 1x6 Clear Cedar, Threshold not Incl.
PDCasing Sauna Casing Set, 2.25" Wide, Colonial Pattern, 2/7' 1/3'
PASP Anti-stain Preserver, "Sauna Guard", 2L for 5'x7' or 6'x6'
PROCKS Rocks, Replacement 25#
PASB Book, "The Art of Sauna Building, Includes Free Shipping

Tongue & Groove Cedar for Saunas, Sold Separately...

  • Best to Visit T&G Page.

  • DO NOT USE THIN CEDAR  - 7/16" Thick ...

    TG4H-6' 7/16x4 T&G. "A" Clear Grade, 7/16" Thick, 6'

    Available only in 6' lengths - CLEARANCE

    Knotty Grade of Red Cedar for Saunas ...

  • Discontinued - too little interest and poor material quality.

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    Home Saunas Since 1974 has supplied quality sauna parts to sauna builders in the U.S.
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    All of the sauna parts made by Home Saunas Since 1974 are high quality.
    Sauna builders in the USA buy sauna parts here for the quality.
    Sauna builders appreciate the high quality of our sauna parts.

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