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Outdoor Sauna Kit - Prebuilt - Sold Out for 8+ Months

Outdoor saunas are increasing in popularity as people realize the benefits from regular sauna use and want to buy their own home sauna. Our outdoor sauna kits are prebuilt (or prefab) so all the woodworking has already been done all that is needed is just the assembly at the sauna location. We have made thousands of these saunas since 1974. Our 174 indoor saunas and outdoor sauna kits is the best selection on the internet.. Production is SOLD OUT during the pandemic.

OUTDOOR SAUNA - For Backyard or Cottage

5'x6' Log Prefab Sauna with
Optional Window in Side Wall
in Clear Grade Red Cedar


Inside View of 7'x7'
Log Sauna with
L-shaped Benches


Not Accepting New Orders - 8+ Months Lead Time

Features - Outdoor Sauna Kit ...
  • No cutting or nailing - the parts are all prefab
  • Choose from 8 sizes - free-standing sauna rooms
  • Our outdoor saunas are also called log saunas
  • Sauna walls are made of solid 2"x6" Red Cedar
  • The outdoor sauna roof sections bolt together
  • Our solid cedar log design eliminates framing
  • No plumbing or floor drain is needed.
  • A flat hard surface is needed for assembly
  • This prefab outdoor sauna can be dismantled to move it

Description - Outdoor Sauna Kit ...

  • Walls made from solid 2"x6" Western Red Cedar logs
  • Logs are 100% tongued-and-grooved, ends dove-tailed
  • Also called outside, exterior & backyard prefab saunas

Included - in an Outdoor Sauna Kit ...

  • Heavy-duty two-tier benches on the long wall
  • Pre-hung door with window, specify left/right hinges
  • Correctly-sized sauna heater- all stainless-steel
  • Prebuilt heater guard for safety; all corner trim
  • Duckboard slat flooring and light fixture
  • Sauna heater has built-in controls on heater
  • Prebuilt chalet roof, just bolt it together
  • Extended roof over the front door
  • Ready for asphalt shingles (not supplied)

Advantages - Prefab Outdoor Sauna ...

  • Use it the same day
  • No cutting required, no walls to frame
  • No construction mess
  • Entirely free-standing
  • Easily dismantled & moved
  • Quality is carpentry professional

Outdoor Prebuilt Sauna Kits
---- Price List ...

Our Outdoor Prebuilt Sauna Series



Retail Price $

Sauna Kit
  $ USD


5 Kw




6 Kw




5 Kw




6 Kw




6 Kw





6 Kw




6 Kw





7.5 Kw



Kits Include Heater & Door

Production HOLD during Pandemic

---------- Limited Time Offer! ---------

No Taxes in USA
Add Taxes in Canada
Add Packaging for Shipping +$328
Add Shipping (ex. +$675 to $925)

Door Located on Longest Wall Usually
Sizes are Overall Outside Dimensions
Delivery is Curbside

Outdoor Prebuilt Sauna Kits
-- Optional Upgrades ...

TO ORDER - CALL - 1-800-519-5753
Have Questions? ... Call Now ... 1-800-519-5753

Upgrades to Outdoor Prebuilt Series:
- these are popular with customers

Net Price
1. Upgrade: 100% Stainless SE Heater
2. Upgrade: #1 DEC Not Available
3. Included: #3 BIC Built-in Control

4. Door: is #1 Full Window Door
5. Optional Doors: See Other Doors
6. Optional Window: See Image Above
7. Add Access.: Bucket Ladle Thermo
8. Add 1 Extra L-Bench: 5' Wall
9. Add 2 Extra L-Benches: 6' Wall
10. Upgrade: to Other Heaters, Optional

All Sauna Sizes have 2 Benches Our popular layouts include 2 benches along the longest wall . L-benches are optional.

The Alternative:

Build your own sauna from scratch -
Do-it-yourself (DIY) sauna kits are very popular:

"The Best" Series of DIY Sauna Kits ...
Get more choice of kit sizes, fully loaded with all the options and then some ... our best quality, best value and the most popular.


Sauna Pricing in Canada and USA ...

  • Shipping Charges: Are extra. Our shipping charges in Canada and the USA are very reasonable because of our large volume. For a shipping quote, just email us with your zip code or postal code.
  • Outdoor Sauna Kit Prices Include: All the sauna parts as described above including the sauna heater. Crating & packaging are included where needed.
  • Taxes in USA: No taxes are charged. Prices are payable in USD Dollars, shipped to US destinations.
  • Taxes in Canada Apply: GST or HST is charged on all sauna shipments, whatever the tax laws require at destination. Prices are payable in CAD Dollars when shipped to a Canadian destination.
  • Sauna Customers in NS, NB, NL: HST is charged.
  • Sauna Customers in Ontario and BC: HST is charged.

Popular Options for Prefab Sauna - Finnish Log Saunas ...

  • We Use Quality Clear Grade Western Red Cedar: The use of Western Red Cedar provides strength and thermal value to the walls.
  • Extra Benches Are Optional: Example: Add 2 more L-benches to sauna sizes 6'x7', 6'x8' or 1 extra L-bench to sauna sizes 5'x6', 5'x7' and 5'x8'. Prices are shown above.
  • Outdoor Roof is Available: See the Outdoor Sauna Series for complete specs and description.
  • Wide Benches: Prefab sauna sizes 5'x5', 5'x6', 5'x7' and larger have full-width sauna benches: top bench is 20" wide; bottom bench is 17" wide. Log sauna sizes 4'x5', 4'x6', 4'x7' etc. have narrower bench widths: top bench is 16" wide, bottom bench is 13" wide. See Layouts and Sauna Floor Plans.

Assembly Details - Prebuilt Outdoor Saunas ...

  • Outdoor Sauna Assembly Time: 6 hours, 2 persons. A third person is needed for the roof assembly.
  • Sauna Wall Dimensions: Sizes shown are approximate outside wall measurements. Add 1.5" for outside corner wall trim. Roof overhang adds 12" to the front wall and 6" to the other 3 sides.
  • Outdoor Roof Heights: Heights vary per model. Please ask for details .
  • Skill Level: Medium.
  • Mobility: Cannot be moved as 1 unit after assembly. Average weight is 900#. Each unit can be dismantled before moving it.
  • Tools Needed: Hammer, ladders, square, socket wrench, screwdrivers, portable drill.
  • Not Included: Electrical wiring, preparation of the base, shingles to match your location.


Rough-in Requirements for an Outdoor Sauna ...

  • A concrete deck or poured pad are best in the backyard. A patio deck will also work. As the base needs to be custom sized for each sauna, structure footprints are available as part of our planning service.
  • A certified electrician must do the 240 volt wiring connections.
  • Outside saunas are often installed at cottages or in backyard or patio settings. The solid cedar logs provide an extremely durable exterior surface.
  • These out door saunas are a more spacious than barrel sauna kits made by others. Barrel saunas have only 71" headroom with single level sauna benches. Our outdoor sauna kits also provide traditional two-tier upper and lower sauna benches.
  • An outside sauna kit is also called a cabin sauna, backyard sauna or patio sauna.
  • A coating of a suitable exterior stain is suggested or you can let the exterior go to a natural silver grey.

Why Buy Prefab Sauna Kits From Home Saunas Since 1974?

1. Our 40+ years in sauna building means our trained experts can give you lots of support & advice as needed. We've been there - done that - and are happy to share our knowledge of prefab outdoor saunas and our sauna building experience with you!
We're here to make this easy for you!
2. You can buy your Finnish Sauna Kits HERE at the sauna factory-outlet at discount factory prices.

3. Our quality is second to none, and you will see the benefit of the innovation that 40+ years in the sauna business brings to you when you buy a Finnish sauna kit at
Home Saunas Since 1974.

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The 27 outdoor saunas at Home Saunas Since 1974 are a great sauna selection. Over 65,000 saunas sold - all types: home sauna kits, DIY
sauna kits & prebuilt saunas.

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