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10 Bad Indoor Sauna Mistakes to Avoid

10 Tips for Great Indoor Sauna Building

We have seen many bad mistakes that people have made with their indoor sauna projects since our founding as a sauna manufacturer in 1974.

Now we have turned some of these history lessons into tips to ensure your indoor sauna project will be a good one! And if you end up buying your indoor sauna here at Home Saunas Since 1974, we thank you in advance. And keep in mind, there are very few sauna companies who have helped over 65,000 sauna customers get their indoor and outdoor saunas installed.

So, here's the biggest tip: avoid mistakes - buy here!

Warm Regards,

#1 Tip - Avoid Indoor Sauna Mistakes - The Internet Has Lots of Bad Info

Most of the writers of so-called "sauna facts" are simply paid writers - they don't have to be sauna users or sauna lovers. To write solid factual articles about indoor saunas requires knowledge, experience and real on-the-job training or should I say "inside-sauna" time, preferably with the pros - the Finns who know this subject best. The internet calls for thousands of sauna articles to feed the search engines so writers churn out sauna articles and blogs on a virtual assembly-line basis. This article is written by a Finn sauna lover.

Respectfully, the Sauna-Guru. (My credentials are below).

# 2 Tip - Avoid Indoor Sauna Mistakes - Be careful buying an Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are low temperature saunas - if you like heat and a little "steam" you will prefer the traditional hot rock sauna.

Be aware that infrared saunas work fine in a normal room temperature. The big characteristic of infrared is that the maximum temperature is about 130 to 135 degrees F. With extended time to "heat up", the temperature may reach 140 F.

# 3 Tip - Indoor Sauna Mistakes: Size of the Sauna is Important

If you are building a custom indoor sauna and you have room, go with a 5x7 size for a 4-person sauna or a 6x8 for a 6-person sauna. In this way you can lay down to be really comfortable.

# 4 Tip - Indoor Sauna Size Mistakes: Best Custom Size is 6'x8' or 7'x8'

The 6'x8' and the 7'x8' are correctly proportioned and great for 4 to 6 persons. There is lots of room to lay down.

# 5 Tip - Avoid Gas Sauna Heaters: Their cost is over $2300

Gas sauna heaters are made by only 1 manufacturer in the US - they are much more expensive than an electric sauna heater. The gas heater costs $2300 as compared to an electric heater typically costing about $800.

# 6 Tip - Avoid the Old-fashioned Mechanical Controls on the heater

The 60-minute timers and mechanical thermostats for heaters with built-in controls are made in Mexico these days. The quality is poor. They no longer last like the ones that were made in the USA. The Digital Electronic controls are not only very accurate but they are also very reliable.

# 7 Tip - Never Use a GFI or GFCI on an Indoor Sauna:

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI or GFI) is NOT required in a residential sauna circuit in most cases. If your electrician installs it, the GFCI will trip the high limit safety switch whenever you throw water on the rocks. The end result is that the GFCI will be disconnected - you wasted $225.

# 8 Tip - Never Use Sheetrock or Wallboard on Sauna Walls on the Inside:

If the room that will become a sauna is lined in sheetrock or wallboard on the inside of the frame, the lining should be removed. One of the reasons why the sheetrock is removed is that you need access to the framing to apply the insulation (3.5" fiberglass R12). Installation of the T&G wall lining boards will be much more difficult if the sheetrock is still there.

Indoor Sauna Kits - For Do It Yourself Sauna Building ...

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# 9 Tip - the Sauna Light should be on a Separate Circuit:

The sauna light is a 110 volt light fixture that needs to be on its own circuit and its own switch. Rather than using a on/off switch, use a dimmer instead so you can reduce the light inside the sauna to a more relaxing subdued level.

# 10 Tip for Indoor Saunas: Buy Here!

The indoor sauna project has many variables for the sauna builder. It will pay you to have real experts with credentials available to you. So, buy your indoor sauna here at Home Saunas Since 1974 - where our experience from 65,000 saunas will work for you!

Credentials are Important - Here is the Sauna-Guru's Bio ...

Our company founder, born in Finland and raised in Canada, is a sauna industry founder in Canada and the U.S.A. His companies, including Home Saunas Since 1974 , have been manufacturing and selling high-quality saunas to sauna enthusiasts around the world. At last count, over 65,000 saunas have been built by our customers.

Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa is the author of the best-seller book, "The Art of Sauna Building", now an acclaimed guide used by an estimated 65,000 sauna builders. He is passionate about the health benefits of the Finnish sauna and its importance to our bodies as we need to counter the toxic substances we ingest daily.

As the "Sauna-Guru", Pertti is on a personal quest to counteract the bad data on the internet by using his vast sauna knowledge to tell the truth about saunas in general and especially the Finnish sauna. He expects to write hundreds more for the internet in the next few years.

The website address for Home Saunas Since 1974 is: Home Sauna Page.

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