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Sauna Plans - DIY Sauna Building Plans

SAUNA PLANS - Inside Height Top level sauna bench
should be 20" wide
- for laying down.
Best room height is 7'
(82" min to 84")

A proper sauna plan is essential before starting to build or plan your own sauna. When you search for "sauna plans", you want to connect with the best DIY sauna plans showing how to build a sauna correctly, make sauna benches rock solid, floor plans, layouts etc. You have connected with the right site. See 12 popular sauna plans tags below.

The top sauna bench needs to be 20" wide so there is enough room to lay down - it is an important benefit in a hot rock sauna. The sauna room width should be 5' or more so there is sufficient room for two-tier benches and people. The sauna sizes of 5'x6' and 5'x7' are very popular for that reason. The popular larger size to accommodate 5 or 6 persons is the 6'x8' sauna room with 4 benches in a L-shape layout.

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