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Rock Saunas vs Infrared Saunas - Is one Better?

Our hot rock saunas are the traditional Finnish saunas. These are the saunas that pioneered the "Innovation" of heat bathing for better health and for a longer life. There are over 3,000,000 hot rock saunas in Finland - the country that made saunas popular.
The Finnish sauna is in many ways similar to the sweat lodges that were used by many North American indigenous tribes.
Both used higher heat levels for the sweating process.

Usually a specially designed electric heater heats the rocks and the sauna air. Temperatures are higher in the 160 F to 190 F degree range. The higher heat levels are not harsh - as the air is usually quite dry - even as dry as 8-10% humidity. You have a major advantage in that you can set the thermostat to any temperature that you prefer or where you are most comfortable.

Infrared does not allow you to select the most comfortable and best temperature for sweating.
Infrared does not allow you to adjust the humidity at all.
Infrared does not allow you to lay down - you miss the effect of the infrared light rays if they do not strike the body.
Infrared works a lot like a microwave - the rays increase the temperature of the object catching the rays - the air temperature stays low.

You will not find any info on the net comparing hot rock saunas to NEAR infrared as NEAR infrared is not an accepted form of "Sauna-ing" by sauna companies at large. The article of Dr. Wilson's was written back in 2005 when it was part of a fad in the early days of "Sauna-ing" - where it all made "Exciting News". NEAR infrared is considered the white elephant of all saunas.

The human body reacts to heat and an artificial fever - that results in profuse sweating if hot enough.
Our bodies natural reaction as it begins to heat up is to sweat to get rid of the heat.
The equation is simple - the hotter the sauna, the more you sweat. The more you sweat - the more you benefit.

A great article on comparing the differences between hot rock traditional saunas and FAR infrared is here:

Visit also: traditional-vs-infrared/

We have many customers that had purchased an infrared sauna - and they were not satisfied. The common complaint was: "It was not hot enough!"
Infrared saunas have a common maximum temperature of 125 F to 140 F degrees.
The customer then chose to install a hot rock sauna from us with a temperature capability of 165 to 190 F.
Then the customer was able to set the best temperature. The customer now has full control over temperature and humidity in order to get the maximum benefits and maximum enjoyment.
These customers are now happy - as they are in full control of their sauna process and their enjoyment!

Warm Regards,

Sauna-Guru & Team Lead.

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