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Ask the Sauna-Guru

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Meet the Sauna-Guru and founder of Home Saunas Since 1974

Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa is one of the oldest and highly respected sauna builders in North America. He is considered a sauna pioneer in Canada and the U.S.A. (at one time before his first retirement he had a staff of 48 employees).

Experience Does Make a Difference

On this site, as part of the services that Home Saunas Since 1974 provides, Pertti and his associates will provide you with a no-nonsense approach to sauna building with generous use of the experiences gained from the 65,000 saunas that we have been part of since 1974.

My Offer to You ...

There is such a proliferation of bad and misleading information on the internet now. If you want to get the realistic facts, from an accredited source, I am here to make this easy for you.

We can Stay Connected

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The Sauna-Guru Continues, "His Story" in his Words

I was born in Finland as Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa, and raised in Ontario, Canada, so I benefited from the best of both cultures. When I was 20, my Dad and I built our first sauna at our new cottage right beside the lake. This was the first sauna either of us had ever built. Soon it became a ritual for Mom to fire up the sauna stove every afternoon on weekends. And it gave a very unique meaning to life, when we had a family sauna on a rainy Saturday afternoon with frequent dips in the lake. Part of the meaning of life, from a Finn's point of view

So at age 28, I started to build saunas for customers as a part-time business. Since that humble beginning, my team and I have built over 8,000 saunas, designed some unique approaches that were patented and preached the gospel to many converts along the way. Early in 2010, I retired the first time to a wonderful life that was everything it should be. But something niggled at me, I was "not finished" (not a pun).

The Book, "The Art of Sauna Building", is Born

Along the way, I had also written a book, "The Art of Sauna Building", which became acclaimed as a best-seller with 40,000 copies sold to date. It received the ultimate confirmation of its status when a senior vice-president with the largest sauna manufacturer in the world, Saunatec Oy (in Finland of course), called it "the best book ever written on sauna building". The latest edition of my sauna book is now available on this website. In addition, the internet has spawned 8,000 reprints of my sauna articles. More on the book, The Art of Sauna Building ...

Becoming Savvy with Social-media

With the development of the internet and the ability of blogs to get the message out, I realized that I could now combine my new blog with my sauna experiences and my passion for the sauna to share the one subject that is dear to millions of sauna lovers worldwide the same ones who have seen the sauna benefit their lifestyles! In my personal quest, I realized once again that "I can make a difference!" So, I plan to write numerous articles and perhaps another book yet?

Why is Pertti so Healthy?

I have not had the flu or a cold in over 18 years. Why is it that I never get sick? My immune system seems to be all powerful and fights off any viral intrusion. My regular twice-weekly visits to the sauna seem to take care of that! If you would like a piece of me and my sauna news that will make interesting reading (I have lots to say on my favorite topic), please subscribe to my Blog that will launch soon.

Thanks for getting acquainted,

Warm Regards,

Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa,

P.S. For starters, read "The Sauna and Its True Meaning Part 1":

"Ahhh" - the sauna, that wonderful gift that my Finnish countrymen gave for the betterment of the world. Recognized for its healthful benefits, the sauna has become a powerful force found worldwide in most health clubs, hotels and spas as well as in millions of homes. In recognition, most languages have adopted the word "sauna" into their language. Read more: "The Sauna and Its True Meaning Part 1", by Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa.

The Sauna-Guru, Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa, writes on Finnish saunas, advises on sauna building.

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