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Celebrating 47 years as a sauna manufacturer is a great reason for giving you the best sauna factory prices ever! Since 1974, we have partnered with 65,000 customers who have installed their saunas ! Call us anytime! Take advantage of our low factory prices! Order today to get the best sauna prices ever !

DIY SAUNA KIT - After Construction
A Typical DIY Cedar
Sauna Kit When Finished -
a 5'x7' Sauna is Shown Above
It's Ready for You!

See: 174 Models of Kits:
"The Best" DIY Sauna Kits

SAUNA KITS One of our Models of DIY
Sauna Kits on Arrival

Read More: 174 Models of Kits:
"The Best" DIY Sauna Kits

THE ART OF SAUNA BUILDING - Best-seller Sauna Building Book, Author Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa

The Best-seller Sauna Book
The Art of Sauna Building
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