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Sauna Parts - Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier

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Home Saunas Since 1974 ships sauna parts and sauna components from its factory-outlet sauna store in Ontario. Since 1974, we have been a leader in providing affordable factory-outlet prices on sauna parts and components.

Sauna Parts for Traditional Rock Saunas ...

SAUNA FOIL - Vapor Barrier


PF2 Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier for Saunas, 225 Sq Ft
-- 225 Sq Ft, 2' wide Roll, Suitable For 4'x5' to 5'x6' Saunas
PF5 Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier for Saunas, 450 Sq Ft
-- 450 Sq Ft, 50" wide Roll, Suitable For 5'x7', +Larger Saunas

PLFONW Sauna Light Fixture, Wall or Ceiling, Oval n/Grill, White
PLFOGW Sauna Light Fixture, Wall or Ceiling, Oval w/ Grill, White
PLFO Sauna Light Fixture, Round, for Wall or Ceiling, w/ Grill

PVENT Sauna Vent, Adjustable, Wood Grill, for 3"x10" Wall Opening
PASP Anti-stain Preserver, "Sauna Guard", 2L
PASB Book, "The Art of Sauna Building"
PNG Nails, Galvanized 1.5", Job Lot

Tongue & Groove Cedar, Sold Separately ...

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    Home Saunas Since 1974 ships sauna kits & sauna parts from its sauna factory-store. A leading sauna manufacturer, Home Saunas Since 1974 features factory-outlet prices on 174 sauna kits.

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