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6kw Sauna Heaters - 6 kw Sauna Stoves

6kw Sauna Heater Models - Review All 6 kw Electric Heaters

Our 6 kw sauna heaters are a popular size in our selection of 74 sauna stove and sauna equipment models. A 6 kw heater is the perfect size for dry sauna heaters, wet sauna heaters, hot rock sauna heaters and Finnish-style electric sauna heaters!
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6kw Sauna Heaters - 6 kw for Dry, Wet and Hot Rock Saunas ...

6 kw electric sauna heaters are chosen by many sauna builders for their fast warm-up and ease of installation. Our 6kw electric sauna heaters can be used for wet saunas or dry saunas. Water can be added to the rocks - these electric sauna heaters are built for that. Our 6kw sauna heaters are also called sauna stoves, dry sauna heaters, wet sauna heaters, sauna equipment, hot rock sauna heaters and Finnish-style sauna heaters.

For Sauna Room Sizes: 5'x6', 5'x7', 6'x6'
Important Tip: Never use a GFCI with a 6 kw sauna heater.

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Sauna Heaters

Compact & Efficient

2 Kw Heater - See SE Series
4 Kw Compact Heater
5 Kw Compact Heater
6 Kw "HC" Heater

7.5 Kw "HC" Heater
9 Kw "HC" Heater

12 Kw-15 Kw Floor Heater
Special Edition "SE"
100% Stainless Heaters

Our Most Popular Heater

2 Kw 110 Volt Heater
2 Kw 240 Volt Heater
3 Kw - 4 Kw - 5 Kw "SE"
6 Kw "SE" Heater

7.5 Kw "SE" Heater
9 Kw "SE" Heater
10.5 Kw "SE" Heater

12Kw Floor Heater
Deep-rock "DR" Series
Sauna Heater

3 Adjustable Rock Levels
Holds up to 50# Rocks

2 Kw "DR" Heater
3 Kw - 4 Kw - 5 Kw "DR"

6 Kw "DR" Heater

7.5Kw - 9 Kw - 10.5 Kw

12Kw, 15Kw, 18Kw Floor
COMBO "CAE" Series
Best Sauna Heater

Combines Deep-rock+Steam
Fast Warm-up - High-efficiency

4 Kw "CAE" Heater
5 Kw "CAE" Heater
6 Kw "CAE" Heater

- 7.5Kw "CAE" Heater
-- 9 Kw "CAE" Heater

12Kw, 15Kw, 18Kw Floor

6 kw Sauna Heater - Specifications and Installation Support ...

We provide the BEST TECH SUPPORT in the sauna business, backed up by our technical experience since 1974. Visit these pages for online support:

6 Kw Sauna Heater Specifications
6 Kw Sauna heater is ideal for sauna rooms 7' high - 5x6, 5x7, 5x8, 6x6, 6x7
Cost to Use a 6kw Sauna for 1.5 Hours - 60 cents!
Cost to Use a 6kw Sauna 3x Weekly for 1 Year - $100 !
Electrical Load of 6 Kw at 240 volt - 25 Amps
Wiring Size for 6 Kw - Typical #10 AWG - Subject to a short distance run
Breaker Size - 30 Amps
Sauna Room Size for 6 Kw - 240 to 320 Cubic Feet with 7' Max Height
Ground Fault Breaker - NEVER USE a GFCI - a GFI is not required!
Sauna Light - use a separate 110 volt line and install a dimmer switch to control the light

Sauna Heater Wiring Sizes - Sauna Heater Electrical Requirements
Installation Info - Saunacore Heater Installation PDF - Coming Soon
Installation Info - Homecraft Heater Installation PDF- Coming Soon
Installation Info - Controls for Electric Sauna Heaters
Warranty - for Saunacore Sauna Heaters - Saunacore Warranty

6 kw Heater Includes Plans - How to Build Your Sauna Correctly...

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