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Sauna Heaters - Steam Vaporizer

Our Popular Vaporizer Sauna Heater - All-stainless-steel ...

Our Steam Vaporizer sauna heater features 100% stainless steel construction and fast warm-up time. A built-in water reservoir has been added so water can be automatically vaporized to raise the humidity in the sauna. Health professionals highly recommend stainless steel heaters for allergy sufferers as these heaters do not off-gas from galvanized, painted or aluminum parts. Our sauna heaters are ideal for "wet" saunas, "dry" saunas, steam saunas, hot rock saunas and Finnish saunas.

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Steam Vaporizer
Heater Has Built-in
Water Reservoir to
Make Gentle "Steam"
- Includes rocks

THE ART OF SAUNA BUILDING - Best-seller Sauna Building Book, Author Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa

Sauna Building Book
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Over 65,000 Saunas Built
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*** When Extra Steam is Important ***

Features - Steam Vaporizer ...

  • Get automatic humidity and "steam" - eliminates dry air
  • A built-in water reservoir holds water for vaporizing
  • 100% toxin-free, no off-gassing
  • Vaporizer can be used for wet saunas only
  • No water line is needed
  • Water reservoir is manually filled (capacity 1 Liter)
  • Extra water can be thrown onto the rocks too
  • Fast sauna room warm-up - 20 to 25 minutes**
  • Entire heater is made from stainless steel
  • 100% toxin-free, no off-gassing
  • Can be installed in a corner or flat on a wall
  • Choice of 6 sizes: 4 Kw to 10.5 Kw
  • Choice of 3 Styles of Controls

  • Includes igneous granite rocks
  • Includes FREE Sauna Building Book, The Art of Sauna Building
  • Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty from Saunacore

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Best Features - Steam Vaporizer Sauna Heater ...

  • A water reservoir is built into the heater so water can be automatically vaporized into the sauna air to raise the level of humidity to a more comfortable level for better sweating.

  • The elements are low-density longer-lasting elements that can withstand the shock of water thrown on the elements. Hence the Limited Lifetime Warranty as these elements are superior to the regular stainless steel elements used in other sauna heaters.

  • The use of surgical-grade stainless-steel eliminates off-gassing from metal or painted parts inside the sauna heater. Saunas are to help us detox. Read more: The Health Benefit of a 100% Stainless-Steel Sauna Heater.

Choose from 3 Sauna Controls ...

#1 DEC - Digital Electronic Control - a popular sauna heater control
#2 OMC - Mechanical Control - a sauna control - mechanical controls, timer has slight "ticking" sound
#3 BIC --- Built-in Control mounted on the heater - uses the same mechanical controls as #2.

DEC #1 Digital Sauna Control
#3 BIC - BUILT-IN CONTROL - Harder to Reach the Sauna Heater Controls at the Bottom of the Heater in Small Saunas - Same Ticking Timer & Mechanical Controls as #2 OWC Control
#1 DEC Digital
Digital Electronic Control
Accurate - Interior Use
Digital Control Included
$0. Included

#2 OMC Mech.
Mechanical Controls
Timer Tick
Optional Control
$196. OMC Optional

#3 BIC Built-in
Built-in Control on Heater
Mechanical Timer Tick
Optional Control
$196. BIC Optional
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Get Free Plans!

Order the Sauna Book Now
Read More >> Sauna Book
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Vaporizer Series
Sauna Heater Prices ...

Amps &

2 Kw 18a-110V
2 Kw 9a/15
3 Kw 13a/20
4 Kw 17a/30
5 Kw 21a/30 Avail.
6 Kw 25a/30 Avail. $1298
32a/40 Avail. $1548
9 Kw 38a/50 Avail. $1598


Heater Price Includes Digital Control
Includes FREE Sauna Building Book
Optional Controls - Shown Above

Add 1 Sauna Light .................... $59
Add Aluminum Foil Vap Barrier $99
Add Air Vents .................... $14 - $59

** FREE Shipping USA!
**FREE When Heater & Control Shipped
to a USA Destination


In US - FREE Shipping:
In US - No Taxes are Charged
FREE Ship for Heater w/ Control
UL-Approved for Sale in U.S.A.

In Canada - Shipping Extra:
Shipping Extra ... $79 to $99
Prices Valid: Ship Heater w/ Control
Taxes as Applicable: GST - HST
CSA-Approved for Sale in Canada

Vaporizer Sauna Heater Specifications

TO ORDER - CALL - 1-800-519-5753
Have Questions? ... Call Now ... 1-800-519-5753
Want to Confirm Pricing? - Call or Email Us Now
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** Review ... All 74 Sauna Heater Models

Electric Sauna Heater Specifications ...

Most sauna heaters require a dedicated 220 volt hard wired circuit.
Every home has 220 volt electricity. Correct name is 240 volt.

Read More - Wiring Chart & Specs - Sauna Heaters

110 volt heaters - See 2 kw 110 & 220 Volt Heaters


Sauna Heater Dimensions (Vaporizer) ...

2kw - 3kw Heater Size (4" smaller):
15"w x 6"d x 23.5"h
4kw - 5kw - 6kw Heater Size: 15"w x 10"d x 23.5"h
7.5kw - 9kw - 10.5kw Heater Size: 18.5"w x 12"d x 27.5
Add 3" to 4" spacing for the heater guard.

Sizing Your Sauna Heater ...

How to Calculate Size of a Sauna Heater:
Normal sauna room height is 7' maximum.

Sauna height 78" to 84": use 1 Kw per 46 cu ft.
Sauna height 84" to 96": use 1 Kw per 40 cu ft.

** Sauna warm-up time of 20-25 minutes is based on a maximum height of 7', the heater is correctly sized to the room and the thermostat setting. Most saunas warm-up in 20 minutes.

Warranty - Vaporizer Series Sauna Heaters ...

Limited Lifetime Warranty - others are only 1-3 years.

Use of Water on the Hot Sauna Rocks is OK!

A Steam Vaporizer electric sauna heater can be used safely with water thrown on to the hot rocks to increase the humidity so the air is not too dry. There is no harm done to the elements in home use. Or you can run the equipment as a dry sauna heater with no water. Coming Soon: The Importance of Humidity for Health and Sauna Enjoyment.

Health Benefits of a 100% Stainless Steel Vaporizer Sauna Heater ...

Steam Vaporizer sauna heaters are made entirely from a surgical grade of stainless steel that does not off-gas or release any trace toxins when the heater is in use. Galvanizing, a coating process that uses the heavy metals tin, zinc and lead to prevent rusting, is used in some sauna heaters to reduce cost. There are no galvanized parts in the Steam Vaporizer sauna heaters

All galvanized parts,
painted steel parts and aluminum have been eliminated by stainless steel components in the Steam Vaporizer sauna heater.
Medical experts highly recommend the Steam Vaporizer sauna heater for people who have sensitivities, have experienced allergies or for those who may develop sensitivities in the future.

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  5. WIRING SPECS -- Confirm Wiring Sizes; Check Electrical Needs
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Electric Sauna Heater Approvals ...

This Vaporizer sauna heater and every electric sauna heater is CSA-Approved and UL-Listed in the U.S. to meet the latest electric sauna heater standards and safety code requirements for sale in Canada and U.S.A.

Technical Support Information - Electric Vaporizer Sauna Heaters & Sauna Stoves ...

Controls for Electric Sauna Heaters - more info: sauna heater controls
Installation of Sauna Heaters - more info: sauna heater installation
Electrical Wiring Specs for Sauna Heaters - more info: wiring sizes & specs
Warranty for Vaporizer Series Sauna Heaters - more info: lifetime warranty

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Home Sauna Heater ... is usually electric and chosen by 85% of sauna heater buyers.
Electric Sauna Heater ... is sometimes called a sauna unit or sauna oven.
Dry Sauna Heater ... is a traditional wet/dry sauna heater used with no water during the sauna.
Sauna Unit ... usually refers to a sauna heater unit, rarely to the sauna room
Wood Sauna Heater ... refers to a sauna wood heater or a wood burning sauna heater.
Finnish Sauna Heater ... refers to a volume made-in-Finland electric sauna heater.
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