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Floor Mount Sauna Heaters

Floor mounted sauna heaters and stoves are needed for larger home saunas and commercial sauna rooms. Larger sauna heaters are stronger and designed to generate the heat for a larger room area. These heaters also hold more rocks. Our floor model sauna heaters and stoves hold up to 100# of sauna rocks.
Floor mount models are available in 9 kw, 10.5 kw, 12 kw, 15 kw, 18 kw and 21 kw sauna heater sizes.

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Floor Mount Series:
21"w x 19"d x 31"h

9 Kw Sauna Heater 9Kw
10.5 Kw Sauna Heater 10.5Kw
12 Kw Sauna Heater 12Kw
15 Kw Sauna Heater 15Kw
18 Kw Sauna Heater 18Kw
21 Kw Sauna Heater 21Kw

Saunacore: Floor Mount Sauna Heater

These floor model sauna heaters & stoves have been in use for over 30 years based on a Finnish sauna heater design.
  • Floor mount design, energy efficient
  • Triple-wall construction
  • 100% stainless steel
  • No painted areas
  • Large capacity stone tray can hold up to 60 # of rocks
  • 6 sizes available - 9kw, 10.5kw, 12kw, 15kw, 18kw, 21kw
  • Sauna stones included
  • 2 Styles of controls are available
  • Physical size: 21"w x 19"d x 31"h
Available in regular voltages: 240, 220 volts
Available in all commercial voltages: 208, 440, 480, 600 volts

ALL STAINLESS STEEL Floor Model Homecraft Sauna Heaters for Large Rooms
21"w x 19"d x 31"h
100% Stainless Floor
12 kW - 15 kW
"Homecraft" From $1649

Homecraft 100% Stainless Steel Floor Mount

These floor model sauna stoves have been popular in commercial use for over 25 years.
  • Floor mount design
  • Triple-wall construction for high-efficiency
  • All stainless steel body
  • Industrial-duty Incoloy silver-soldered elements
  • Large capacity stone tray can hold up to 45 # of sauna rocks
  • Includes lead-in wiring harness for easy hookup
  • 4 models available - 12 Kw to 15 Kw
  • Available in 240 Volt or 208 Volt 3-phase
  • Sauna stones included (about 33#)
  • Available in 1 style of control - electronic
  • Physical size: 21"w x 19"d x 31"h

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Floor Model Sauna Heaters
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Floor Model
100% Stainless
Sauna Heater
Call for Price
Floor Model
100% Stainless
Sauna Heater
Factory Price
6 Kw
240v by Fenno

$1089 Fen6
9 Kw
Call for Price
10.5 Kw
240 or 208v
Call for Price
12 Kw
240 volt
Call for Price
$1,649 HC12
15 Kw
240 volt
Call for Price
$1,949 HC15
18 Kw
240 volt
Call for Price
12 Kw
208 volt 3-ph
Call for Price
$1,699 HC12-3p
15 Kw
208 volt 3-ph
Call for Price
$1,995 HC15-3p
18 Kw
208 volt 3-ph
Call for Price
21 Kw
208 volt 3-ph
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Rocks Included - all Floor Heaters
Packaging & Crating for Shipping, Add +$95

Shipping in USA - Priced in USD $:
#1 DEC Electronic Control for Saunacore, Included
#1 DEC Electronic Control for Homecraft, Included

#2 OMC Mechanical Control, Saunacore, Add $196. USD
#2 OMC Mechanical Control, Homecraft, Add $196. USD

Shipping in Canada - Priced in CAD $:
#1 DEC Electronic Control, All Makes, Included
#2 OMC Mechanical Control,  Add ...  $196. CAD

See Also - Details on C6+1 Commercial Sauna Heater

** USA Shipping Credit - Max Credit -$199. USD
** Packaging & Crating for Shipping, Add +$95
** Crating Recommended to Eliminate Ship Damage - $95

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6 kW Floor Model Sauna Heater
Fenno 6 Kw Floor Model Sauna Stoves ... $1089
Size 14" x 19" x 25" high ... All-stainless Steel ... Rock Capacity 40-50#

A Top Quality Sauna Stove....

  • Full Rock Capacity: 9 kW and larger heaters hold 50 to 80# of rocks for a smoother and mellower heat in the sauna. Stoves can be used as a dry sauna or a wet sauna with water thrown on to the rocks.
  • Use of Water on the Hot Sauna Rocks: Every floor mount electric sauna heater can be safely used with water thrown on to the hot rocks to make steam and increase the humidity. Or you can run the heater as a dry sauna with no water used. The sauna heater elements, made from an Incoloy type of stainless steel, are built for extreme use. Incoloy is a superior type of stainless steel.
  • Advanced Design: Each floor model electric sauna stove features an improved "heat release system" that allows virtually all of the heat to be circulated into the center of the sauna room, keeping the sauna stove and the elements much cooler, resulting in longer element life. Heat deflectors assist in moving the heat to the center of the sauna room to benefit the bathers.
  • Sauna Controls: The OMC sauna heater controls (if ordered) are located in the wall outside the sauna at face level. OMC sauna controls have a 8' capillary connecting the thermostat to the heat sensor that will be located inside the hot sauna room. The controls must, therefore, be located within 7' or 8' of the sauna stove (or less). The optional DEC Digital Electronic Sauna Control (the best control) has many additional advantages. These DEC sauna controls can be located up to 100' away from the sauna stove. The electronic thermostat maintains the sauna temperature extremely accurately, within +/- 3 degrees. The electronic timer has no ticking sound.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each floor model sauna stove is handcrafted to provide a lifetime of enjoyable use. The Incoloy elements are rated for very long life at 1600F, surpassing the 7 to 10 year lifespan of normal stainless steel elements that are used in most imported sauna stoves.

Why Buy a Floor Sauna Stove From Home Saunas Since 1974?

1. As a sauna manufacturer since 1974 with a factory-outlet sauna store, our trained experts can give you lots of support & advice as needed. We've been there - done that - and are happy to share our sauna stove knowledge and experiences with you!
... We're here to make this easy for you!
2. You can buy your Saunacore, Homecraft, Sampo or Fenno brand sauna stoves HERE at low factory prices because of our volume sauna business.

Other Names & Terminology for Sauna Heater Equipment...

A sauna heater is also called a sauna stove, sauna oven, sauna unit, sauna equipment or sauna heaters or sauna stoves. A floor model sauna heater is ideal for use in dry saunas, wet saunas, home saunas, hot rock saunas and Finnish saunas. Every sauna heater allows water to be thrown on to the hot sauna rocks to make"steam" as much or as little as wanted. Our sauna heater brands are Saunacore, Homecraft, Fenno and Sampo wood stoves.

Electric Sauna Heater Approvals...

Each floor model electric sauna heater is fully approved & meets the latest UL, CE and CSA electric sauna heater standards and safety code requirements for USA and Canada.

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