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Sauna Heaters - Standard Series

Our Standard Series of sauna heaters offers the lowest prices on sauna heaters that are UL and CSA approved, fast warm-up times and good heater features. Our best price policy confirms that you will get a quality heater at the lowest possible price from our sauna factory-store. Our sauna heaters are ideal for dry saunas, wet saunas, home saunas and Finnish saunas.
Review our entire selection of 74 sauna heaters.

Best Selection of Sauna Heaters on the Internet - 74 Models in all ...

Standard Series
Sauna Heaters
Include Rocks

FREE - the Best Seller
Sauna Building Book
is Included with every
heater order

From $399 - Get Factory Prices

Features - Standard Series Sauna Heaters ...

  • Fast sauna room warm-up - 20 to 30 minutes**
  • Water can be poured on to the rocks - it's OK
  • Can be installed in a corner or flat on a wall
  • Galvanized steel rock tray, stainless steel body
  • Choice of 8 sizes: 2 Kw to 10.5 Kw
  • Choice of 3 Styles of Controls
  • Includes igneous granite rocks
  • Has 2 Year Limited Warranty from Saunacore
  • Guaranteed lowest price! - 110% Price Guarantee

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Use of Water on the Hot Sauna Rocks ...

Every Saunacore electric sauna heater can be used safely with water thrown on to the hot rocks to increase the humidity so the air is not too dry. There is no harm done to the elements in home use. Or you can run the equipment as a dry sauna heater with no water used.

Choose from 3 Sauna Control Options ...

#1 DEC Digital Electronic Control is the most popular sauna heater control.
#2 OWC Outside Wall Control is a mechanical sauna control - with old style ticking type timer.
#3 BIC Built-in Control is mounted on the heater - uses the same controls as #2.
#2 OWC - OUTSIDE WALL CONTROL - THE OLDER STYLE MECHANICAL CONTROL - for All Sauna Heaters - Has Ticking Timer, 8' Capillary to Sensor - For Installation Outside the Sauna Room at Convenient Eying Level
#3 BIC - BUILT-IN CONTROL - CONVENIENT TO INSTALL - Harder to Reach the Sauna Heater Controls at the Bottom of the Heater in Small Saunas - Same Ticking Timer & Mechanical Controls as #2 OWC Control

#1 DEC Control
Digital Electronic Control
Our Most Popular Control
Optional $119

#2 OWC Control
Outside Wall Control
Mechanical Ticking Type
Sale Price $139

#3 BIC Control
Built-in Control on Heater
Mechanical Ticking Type
Sale Price $109
FREE - Sauna Building Guide
Building a Sauna - Best Instructions
Over 60,000 Saunas Built
FREE to Sauna Customers

Standard Series
Sauna Heater Prices ...

Amps &

2 Kw w/control $828 $497
2 Kw 18a-110V $739 $399
2 Kw 9amp/15 $739 $528
3 Kw 13a/20 $739 $528
4 Kw 17a/30 $770 $528
5 Kw 21a/30 $790 $538
6 Kw 25a/30 $859 $548
32a/40 $1040 $698
9 Kw 38a/50 $1085 $728
10.5Kw 44a/60 $1559 $1028
12 Kw Details $1989 $1320
15 Kw Details $2389 $1520

Add a Control:
#1 DEC Digital ... Factory Price $119
#2 OWC Mechanical ........ Price $139
#3 BIC Built-in .......... Sale Price $99

+ + FREE Shipping!
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Free Shipping in USA:
Shipping Was Extra ... $79 to $99
No Taxes are Charged in USA
UL-Approved for Sale in USA.

Free Shipping in Canada:
Shipping Was Extra ... $49 to $69
Taxes as Applicable: ... GST/HST
CSA-Approved for Sale in Canada

Sauna Heater Specifications

TO ORDER - CALL - 1-800-519-5753

Have Questions? ... Call Now ... 1-800-519-5753
Want to Confirm Pricing? - Call or Email Us Now
Want to Confirm Shipping? - Call or Email Us Now
** Review ... See All 75 Sauna Heater Models

We Are Never Undersold - It's Guaranteed!!
Read More on: Our 110% Price Guarantee

Warranty - Standard Sauna Heaters ...

3 Year Warranty - others are 1 or 2 years.
Get Limited Lifetime Warranty with SE Heaters

Electric Sauna Heater Specifications ...

An electric sauna heater requires a dedicated 220 volt hard wired circuit. Every home has 220 volt electricity.
110 volt models are available in 2 Kw only.

>>> Read more: Sauna Heater Wiring Specs

Sauna Heater Dimensions...

2 to 3 Kw: 15"w x 6"d x 23.5"h
4 to 6 Kw: 15"w x 10"d x 23.5"h
7 to 10.5 Kw: 18.5"w x 12"d x 27.5

Add 3" to 4" spacing for the heater guard.

How to Calculate Size of a Sauna Heater:
Normal sauna room height is 7' maximum.

Sauna height 78" to 84": use 1 Kw per 46 cu ft.
Sauna height 84" to 90": use 1 Kw per 44 cu ft.
Sauna height 90" to 96": use 1 Kw per 42 cu ft.

** Sauna warm-up time of 20-30 minutes is based on a maximum height of 7', the heater correctly sized to the room and the thermostat setting. Many saunas warm-up in 20 minutes.

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Why Buy a Sauna Heater at Home Saunas Since 1974?

Over 32,000 Customers Say "Our Experience Makes the Difference!"
  1. GREAT LOW PRICES: You can buy your cheaper sauna heater HERE at low factory-outlet prices because of our volume sauna business! See our Price Guarantee to the right (in green)
  2. GREAT TECH SUPPORT: As a sauna manufacturer and factory-outlet sauna store since 1974, our sauna experts are trained by our Finnish Sauna-Guru, Pertti Jalasjaa, to give you lots of support & advice as needed. We've been there - done that since 1974 - and happy to share our sauna heater knowledge & sauna building experiences with you! We're here to make this easy for you!
  3. GREAT INFO SUPPORT: Every customer gets a copy of our best-seller sauna building book, "The Art of Sauna Building" with our compliments. The book will help you build a great sauna. It has helped over 60,000 sauna builders already. (Read some of the reviews the book has received).
  4. GREAT WARRANTY: Your purchase of a cheaper sauna heater includes extended heater warranty for 3 years. Most sauna heaters on the market today offer only a 1 or 2 year warranty.
  5. READ ALL THE REASONS: Helping you to buy your sauna or sauna heater from the right source is as important to us as it is to you. Read the 6 Big Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sauna Here.

8 Quick Links To Building a Home Sauna ....

As part of your sauna building process, we highly recommend that you visit these sauna planning and building pages on our website:

  1. SAUNA DESIGN & PLANS -- Start with our Sauna Design - Use Our Proven Sauna Plans
  2. SAUNA LAYOUTS & SIZES -- Lots of Sauna Pictures, Sauna Floor Plans & Layouts
  3. HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN SAUNA -- Sauna Guru Shows: How to Build a Sauna
  4. SAUNA HEATER -- Choose the Right Sauna Heater From Our 75 Models
  5. WIRING SPECS -- Confirm Wiring; Check Electrical Needs
  6. BUY SAUNA BOOK NOW -- Get a Coupon fro $70 OFF Your sauna Kit Purchase
  7. TO CONSIDER -- Buy a Complete Sauna Kit Instead - Less Work & Save Money
  8. PLACE ORDER -- Contact Us or Email Us to Order Any of Our Sauna Products

Electric Sauna Heaters are Approved by CSA and UL-Listed ...

Every electric sauna heater is CSA-Approved and UL-Listed in the USA to meet the latest electric sauna heater standards and safety code requirements for sauna heaters for sale in Canada and U.S.A.

Technical Support Information - Electric Sauna Heaters ...

Controls for Electric Sauna Heaters - more info: sauna heater controls
Installation of Sauna Heaters - more info: sauna heater installation
Electrical Wiring Specs for Sauna Heaters - more info: wiring sizes & specs
Warranty for Base Series Sauna Heaters - more info: 5 year warranty

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Standard Series
Electric Sauna Heaters

Sale Price from $399
Saunacore Brand
See $ - Small: 2, 3, 4 Kw
See $ - Medium: 5, 6 Kw
See $ - Large: 7.5, 9, 10.5 Kw
110 & 220 Volt: Available

Special Edition SE
Electric Sauna Heaters

Sale Price from $499
All Stainless-steel, Saunacore
See $ - Small: 2, 3, 4 Kw
See $ - Medium: 5, 6 Kw
See $ - Large: 7.5, 9, 10.5 Kw
110 & 220 Volt: Available

Our Best-Selling Heater
Homecraft Brand
Electric Sauna Heaters

Sale Price from $399
Homecraft Brand
Compact & Efficient
Stainless Steel Exterior
See $ Small: 4, 5 Kw
See $ Medium: 6 Kw
See $ Large: 7.5, 9 Kw

Sauna Building Book
for Every Sauna
Heater Customer!

Build Your Sauna Right!

Related Sauna Heater & Sauna Stove Terminology...

Best Sauna Heater ... is our Special Edition with limited lifetime warranty.
Steam Sauna Heater ... we have the sauna heaters for wet saunas and water on the rocks.
Home Sauna Heater ... is usually electric and chosen by 85% of sauna heater buyers.
Electric Sauna Heater ... is sometimes called a sauna unit or sauna oven.
Dry Sauna Heater ... is a traditional wet/dry sauna heater used with no water during the sauna.
Sauna Unit ... usually refers to a sauna heater unit, rarely to the sauna room.
Wood Sauna Heater ... refers to a sauna wood stove or a wood burning sauna stove.
Finnish Sauna Heater ... refers to a volume made-in-Finland electric sauna stove.
Gas Sauna Heater ... will cost $2,000 to $3,000 or more to install than an electric sauna heater.
Heater for Sauna ... buy a sauna heater from the best supplier - Home Saunas Since 1974.
Sauna Heater Dealer ... the best sauna dealer with 74 heaters - Home Saunas Since 1974

Advanced Design ...

Our electric sauna heater features an improved "heat release system" that allows virtually all of the heat to be circulated into the center of the room, keeping the heater and the Incoloy elements much cooler, resulting in longer life spans of the elements. The built-in heat deflectors assist in moving the heat to the center of the sauna room to benefit the bathers and away from the ceiling directly above the sauna heater.

Quality Craftsmanship from Saunacore ...

Each electric sauna heater is carefully handcrafted with stainless and galvanized steel to provide a lifetime of enjoyable sauna use. The heavy-duty Incoloy elements are rated for extremely long life surpassing the life of ordinary stainless steel elements found in competitor brands of sauna heaters.

Home Saunas Since 1974 has the best selection of 74 sauna heaters, wood-burning heaters and sauna equipment.
Our sauna factory makes home sauna kits, sauna rooms, dry saunas, wet saunas, indoor saunas, outdoor saunas,
DIY sauna kits, traditional saunas, Finnish saunas, Russian banya saunas.
Our factory supplies the USA and Canada with sauna heaters & sauna kits at low sauna factory prices!

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