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"The Art of Sauna Building" Sauna Book - with $150 OFF Coupon

This is the Best-seller Sauna Book that Sets the Industry Standard
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This book has helped 65,000 saunas get built since 1974. Written by the Sauna-Guru, Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa.

Over 65,000 Saunas Have Been Built the Easy Way - With This Building Guide!

THE ART OF SAUNA BUILDING - Best-seller Sauna Building Book, Author Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa

88 Fact Filled Pages
Over 164 drawings
Step-by-Step Instructions
Size: 8.5" x 11"

The All-Time Best-Seller
Sauna Building Book is
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Over 65,000 Saunas Built!

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THE ART OF SAUNA BUILDING - Best-seller Sauna Building Book, Author Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa

Author: Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa

ISBN: 0-9685707-0-4

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Planning and building a perfect home sauna is much easier when you have "The Art of Sauna Building". With our sauna plans and helpful guides, any do-it-yourself'er or even a novice can easily build a beautiful home sauna, with everything done right the first time!

The "Art of Sauna Building" has become the industry bible for correct sauna design and sauna building techniques.
You should not build a sauna without this book as your own sauna building guide.
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In this book, author and Sauna Guru Pertti Jalasjaa (a master sauna builder), reveals all the secrets so you can build a professional-looking sauna the first time!

It's an easy-to-read book with 164 sauna drawings and illustrations so you can build your own sauna correctly! Use the material lists, drawings and blueprints to save hours of time on the project!

There are guides in "The Art of Sauna Building" to help you select the right supplier for the sauna products you want.
Coming soon: A Sauna Buyers Guide.

Over 65,000 saunas have been built using this industry bible.

"The Art of Sauna Building", shows you all the details for:
Planning the Perfect Indoor or Outdoor Sauna for your Home
Sauna Construction, Sauna Installation, Sauna Framing
How to Build a Sauna, Build Saunas, Building a Sauna
Do It Yourself Sauna, Home Made Sauna, Homemade Saunas
How to Make a Sauna, Make a Sauna
How to Make your Sauna Better than Infrared
Dry Sauna, Wet Sauna, Steam Sauna and Traditional Sauna - How to Have the Best of All Four!

After construction is done, the section on "Getting the Maximum Enjoyment" will make you wonder why you waited so long to build your own home sauna!

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Sauna Book Reviews ...

"I got your book some time ago and I am using it avidly to help with my sauna build. Best book I could find is now paying off. My outdoor sauna will be finished next week! Thanks for your advice. I'm glad I made this book a must read!"
Clive Bolt, Vancouver, BC

"Your book, "The Art of Sauna Building" is by far the best book on sauna construction that I've ever seen".
Keith Raisanen
President, Finnleo Sauna, Cokato, MN
(Finnleo Sauna is a Division of Saunatec, the world's largest sauna company, headquartered in Finland)
(letter on file from 1990 testimonial)

"Sauna-Guru, So glad you were able to talk to me. You took the time to listen to my issue ... dumb as it was.
I need to get your book, you proved it to me! And Wow.. quite the bio on you". >>Read More - Bio on Author, Pertti Jalasjaa
Scott Carswell, Tallahassee, FL

"I amazed my friends and myself too! My cedar sauna looked great when I was done and in less than 24 hours!"
Warren Cross, Detroit, MI

"I'm not very handy at all but it was very easy to build with the sauna book. Saved me a lot of time and about $1100 compared to others"
John Maki, Toronto, ON

"Your sauna package kit & your book were fabulous! I will recommend you anytime!"
Anthony Ryan, Springfield, IL

"I love the chapters on the customs and traditions of Finnish saunas! I am a total sauna convert!"
Gayle Salonen, Dallas TX

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Throughout our website, we make generous use of the material from our best-seller sauna building book, "The Art of Sauna Building". Over 40,000 copies of our book have been sold to date. We have helped over 65,000 saunas get fired up - representing over 120,000 people finding happiness in having their own home sauna. So, perhaps you are next?

The sauna book contains considerably more information than this website shows. The 164 pictures in the book will tell the story. Order today!

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