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Red Cedar - the Best Sauna Wood for Sauna Building

Western Red Cedar is the perfect wood for sauna building in Canada and the USA. In North America, we have access to large forests of Western Red Cedar in Oregon, Alaska and British Columbia. There are over 2,500,000 cedar saunas in use in Canada and the U.S.
Here's the top 6 facts defining our use of Western Red Cedar as the perfect and best wood for building a sauna:

1. Red Cedar is one of the Most Stable Softwoods Known - when used to build a sauna.

(a) cedar does not become hot to the touch because of the millions of tiny air cells in the wood.
(b) cedar does not expand to any degree when the sauna is hot.
(c) cedar does not absorb moisture even though water is often used inside a sauna.
(d) cedar has an enjoyable scent that adds to the sauna experience

2. Cedar Resists Mold and Fungus Growths - due to the phenol oils that give cedar its resistance to weathering, cedar will resist all mold and fungus. When used to build a sauna, cedar will last a lifetime. Cedar roofing shingles last 70 years.

3. Cedar Must be Kiln-dried to an extremely low 9-10% Moisture Content - cedar that is used in a sauna must be kiln-dried to an extremely low moisture content of 9-10%. Any wood used in sauna building that is not dried properly will shrink over time in the heat of the sauna. Eventually there will be noticeable gaps between the boards. Wood that is merely air-dried will retain its moisture at 17 to 30% M.C. and will be unsuitable for use in a sauna. Air-dried tongue-and-groove boards can shrink as much as 1/4" per board. REMEMBER - a sauna is really an oven - it will dry the wood each time you use the sauna, shrinking the T&G boards in the process. PS: Never use 1x6 or 1x8 in sauna building.

4. Our Red Cedar is Not Available in Europe - European sauna builders use hemlock, spruce, pine and aspen. None of these species have any resistance to mold or fungus growths so cleaning and drying the sauna after use is very important to them.

5. Cedar is the Most Popular Wood Used in Infrared Saunas -
in the 1990s, North American Red Cedar became the wood chosen by infrared sauna manufacturers because of its light weight, it was easy to machine into boards and it had resistance to mold. It remains as the best sauna wood today as no one has been able to find a better wood.

6. Redwood is Not Red Cedar - a native to California, redwood was often used in the 1980s for sauna building. With decreasing supply and rising prices, redwood became far too expensive to use for sauna building. Redwood darkens up over the years until it looked "dingy" in a sauna. But Red Cedar retains its appearance without discoloring.

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